Releases and Guest Appearances

2018 John Mellencamp Other People's Stuff

2018 Aqualung "Magnetic North"

2010 Bored to Death Soundtrack

2010 John Mellencamp "On the Rural Route 7609"

2010 Sufjan Stevens All Delighted People

2009 Kaiser Cartel Secret Transit

2009 Kaiser Cartel Rock Island

2009 Yuka Honda Heart Chamber Phantoms 

2008 Kaiser Cartel Okay and Other Things We Feel

2008 Kaiser Cartel March Forth

2008 Jardim Eletrico: a Tribute to Os Mutantes

2008 In Cadeo In Cadeo

2007 John Mellencamp Words and Music

2007 Courtney Kaiser In the Garden

2007 United States Three Watergate

2006 Wallflowers Red Letter Days

2006 A Tribute to Waylon Jennings

2006 Gentleman Caller Until We are Missing

2004 Kaiser Cartel Double Standard

2004 John Wilkes Booze Five Pillars of Soul

2001 John Mellencamp Cuttin' Heads

1999 United States Three Creature


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