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Outside Obervations

"KaiserCartel’s new album “Secret Transit” is exactly what Brooklyn has been working to produce for the last ten years." -Brett Jensen

"Powerful ascending sound carried by Courtney’s voice who does it for any melody she sings to"  -Alyson Camus

"the ear anticipates Courtney Kaiser’s consistently gorgeous (like breathtaking) singing" -Iman Lababedi

“Everything a songwriter does is being judged as soon as they step on stage. Should this person be singing? Should this person be playing? Is this song good? Are the lyrics good? Is this person attractive? They have to command attention all the time, and they have to believe that they deserve it, and they have to be gracious about getting it.”

-Kaiser-Sandler on teaching songwriting

“I think the students would all love it if they were millionaires, but they all know that’s not why they’re here,” said Kaiser-Sandler. “They all want to feel it when that one person from the audience says, ‘Hey, you know that song you wrote. I had this thing happen to me, and that song … well, thanks for writing that song.’ That little moment makes it worth it—and that’s meaningful to the kids, too. That’s more meaningful than millions of dollars.”

-Kaiser-Sandler on teaching Interlochen Songwriting Students

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